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Frequently Asked Questions2023-05-24T10:32:56-05:00


What is Industry 4.0?2023-05-24T10:34:27-05:00

Industry 4.0 is a term coined to represent the  4th Industrial revolution that we are in. It is driven by advances in digital technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) amongst other to enable smart manufacturing that will increase asset utilization, improve efficiency and reduce consumption of resources, in-turn reducing costs and maintaining high competitiveness in the global market.

How do EcoAxis’ Industry 4.0 products benefit me?2023-05-24T10:35:13-05:00

EcoAxis’ Industry 4.0 products help improve your manufacturing processes by reducing quality losses, increasing equipment capacity utilization, reduction in energy and material consumption, and enhancing equipment life and performance through accurate, in-depth actionable insights which can be delivered anytime, anywhere and on any device to increase your topline and also your bottomline.

Do you provide a bespoke solution?2023-05-24T10:35:53-05:00

EcoAxis provides end-to-end, plug n play, ready-to-use Industry 4.0 product for Plastics, Textiles, Tea and Solar industries all developed and delivered via a single, unified technology framework that can be leveraged to deliver custom solutions as well. If you wish to build a bespoke solution for your company, please Contact Us for an account manager to reach out to you to understand your needs.

Can I buy your IoT gateways only?2022-07-15T06:08:24-05:00

We do not sell our IoT gateways separately on retail basis. For bulk purchase, please Contact Us for an account manager to reach out to you to understand your needs.

Do you have a global presence?2023-05-24T11:47:46-05:00

Yes, we have engineering and sales offices in Bangalore & Pune, India. We have an office in Cambridge, USA. We have representatives in multiple countries and customers across continents too.


Which manufacturing processes for plastics do you support?2023-05-24T11:49:16-05:00

axisPLAST 4.0 has support for injection, blow molding and extrusion processes. However, currently the extrusion functionality is limited.

Do you support multi-station blow molding process?2022-07-15T06:09:52-05:00


Can you collect process parameters even if digital enablement is not available from OEM?2023-05-24T10:37:54-05:00

Yes with additional sensors and instrumentation. Feasibility depends on the type and make of machine. And this is true for both axisPLAST 4.0 and axisCONSERVE 4.0 products.

What production infrastructure equipment do you support?2023-05-24T10:36:39-05:00

axisCONSERVE 4.0 supports a wide range of production infrastructure equipment such as Boilers, Chillers, Compressors, Water/Wastewater/Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plants, Gas/Diesel Generator sets, Pumps, Motors etc. Our platform – SuperAxis (R) – has broad applications and can support other similar equipment too.


Which OEMs do you support integration with?2023-05-24T10:38:19-05:00

EcoAxis IoT gateways support most standard and commonly used field protocols such as ModBus, Profinet, OPC/UA, EuroMap 63 etc. which cover most OEMs. For OEMs that have proprietary protocols, we are able to quickly develop connectors. We have done this for JSW, Toshiba and Toyo as an example. See also the question below ‘Can you integrate equipment that is not digitally enabled?’

Can I integrate my utilities such as compressor and chillers into axisPLAST 4.0?2023-05-24T11:48:18-05:00

axisPLAST 4.0 allows users to track energy consumed by any equipment whether for production or production support if a ModBus-enabled energy meter is connected to the equipment.

axisCONSERVE 4.0 supports a wide range of production support infrastructure such as Boilers, Chillers, Compressors, Water/Wastewater/Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plant, Gas/Diesel Generators sets, Pumps, Motors etc. if the user wishes to not only monitor energy but also their overall health and performance.

Can I integrate my auxiliaries such as dryers into axisPLAST 4.0?2023-05-24T11:50:10-05:00

axisPLAST 4.0 allows users to track energy consumed by utilities if a ModBus-enabled energy meter is connected to the auxiliary.

Can you integrate equipment that is not digitally enabled?2023-05-24T10:39:04-05:00

Yes, we can usually integrate equipment that are not digitally enabled with additional sensors and instrumentation. We have list of standard sensors that we can use with our IoT panel for this purpose.


What does the site deployment architecture look like?2023-05-24T14:20:16-05:00

What do I need to provide at site from an IT infrastructure standpoint?2022-07-15T06:18:41-05:00
  1. Reliable Internet connectivity
  2. Firewall configured to allow FTP or MQTT data to EcoAxis cloud
  3. Optional – PC/server for data collation. Only after we do a thorough review, will we be able to suggest if this is required or not
  4. LAN connectivity to EcoAxis IoT panel
  5. 24×7 UPS power supply to EcoAxis IoT panel
How do you ensure that your IoT device is not vulnerable to cyberattacks?2022-07-19T14:57:39-05:00

We enable full secure SSL-based one-way communication from site gateway to the cloud.

How do you ensure our data is secure on the cloud?2022-07-15T06:19:46-05:00

All communication between your site and our cloud is encrypted. Access to data, once on the cloud, is always via encrypted communication and is restricted based on authentication and authorization rules.

How do you ensure data privacy?2023-06-06T05:32:35-05:00

We do not use any of your data or meta-data for commercialization purposes. We do not share any of our customer data or meta-data with any third party. Data is available only to our customer’s authorized user and to our support team for the purpose of resolving customer issues. Detailed data privacy rules can be found here.

What is your Disaster Recovery plan?2022-07-15T06:21:08-05:00

Our deployment architecture has multiple redundancies to limit single point of failure. We have regularly scheduled backup. Our infrastructure is hosted in IBM data center provides N+1 redundancy and 24×7 security and support. Global availability zones, optionally, can enable migration of workloads across their global data centers.

Can axisPlast 4.0 integrate with our ERP?2022-07-15T06:21:37-05:00

Yes. We support REST API-based integration.

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Customers Who Trust EcoAxis.

“We chose EcoAxis for its technological superiority, domain knowledge and experience in RPMS (Remote performance monitoring system) which make it a leader in the segment. EcoAxis team has a phenomenal ability to understand our needs and translate them into a reliable solution. We have already considered EcoAxis for 6 overseas projects and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Vice President - Operations, Uttam Energy

“Energy and operational efficiency improvements were our immediate business goals. We decided to go for EcoAxis’ solution digitizing our complete plant floor with access to analytics on anytime anywhere basis…we have achieved close to 15% energy efficiency…we are confident to achieve a further 10% improvement on energy costs in the current year…and are confident that we would be able to drive up to 10% OEE improvements at the factory level.”

Production Director, Ashut Engineers Ltd

“We are excited by the business gains and competitive edge that axisPLAST4.0 has helped us realize in such a short period. Also it will help us to continuously push the boundary of innovation to stay ahead of our competition. Industry 4.0 being a strategic and an on-going program, it requires a trusted and knowledgeable partner like EcoAxis.”

Director, Accurate Industries

“For our competitive advantage, we leverage the data of our interconnected machines, material traceability, and SAP business system for getting live KPIs anytime, anywhere, using EcoAxis’ IoT solutions. Our expectations from the IoT solution were very challenging, but I am happy that EcoAxis has surpassed our expectations.”

Operations Head, Renata Precision Components

“We are delighted to see the latest enhancements in axisPLAST 4.0, especially the daily and monthly reports providing all relevant data that we need”

Senior Manager - Operational Excellence, SUNPET - TPAC Packaging

“We decided to use axisPLAST 4.0, the Internet of Things technology, provided by EcoAxis to collate and analyze live data. It has some unique functionalities built specifically for plastic product manufacturers, e.g. operational reports, mold analytics, etc. providing us tremendous value in terms of operational analysis.”

Director - Technology Evangelism and New Product Development, United Industries

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Our team of experts will show you the power of our products.

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