India’s largest linen producer embarked on a comprehensive sustainability drive to save energy in all their operating plants. As a part of this process, they are implementing a program across their production infrastructure equipment such as boilers, chillers, compressors, etc. to simultaneously improve uptime and reduce wastage.

Business Requirements

The company wanted to:

  • Develop and standardise processes for energy measurement, tracking, and reduction as a part of their organisational goals
  • Digitise reports as far as possible to minimise time spent and errors inherent in manual reporting
  • Identify opportunities for savings in their boilers, compressors and other production infrastructure and reduce costs without impacting the quality or quantity of outputs


The company partnered with EcoAxis to implement axisCONSERVE 4.0 on their boiler, 14 compressors and also build an energy management system (covering 225 energy meters) at one of their plants in India.

axisCONSERVE 4.0, a product built on Industry 4.0 technologies, monitors critical operating parameters of industrial utility equipment in near real time to deliver deep actionable insights to optimise operating costs and increase equipment life.


  • Post deployment of axisCONSERVE 4.0, the company was able to view reports and analytics digitally which eliminated manual effort and provided role specific reports and analytics based on the same data
  • The loading and unloading patterns of one compressor indicated that it was underutilised. Optimising the operations of this compressor resulted in savings of approximately 300 kWh/day without starving any of the production processes of compressed air
  • Correlating the compressed air needs of the production load with settings of various operating parameters over a period of several days helped identify opportunities to optimise the settings further
  • A set of recommendations by the EcoAxis team that focused on optimal operations based on insights derived from axisCONSERVE 4.0 led to additional savings of almost 880 kWh/day
  • Energy consumption on 2 compressors was 4599 kWh/day. Insights from axisCONSERVE 4.0 helped save 1180 kWh/day. That’s a cool 25% savings without any investment!

The ability to understand operating patterns and deviations enabled the customer to take quick action based on the insights provided by axisCONSERVE 4.0. EcoAxis helped the customer consume less while producing more.

Interested in Seeing axisCONSERVE 4.0 in Action?

Customers Who Trust EcoAxis.

“We chose EcoAxis for its technological superiority, domain knowledge and experience in RPMS (Remote performance monitoring system) which make it a leader in the segment. EcoAxis team has a phenomenal ability to understand our needs and translate them into a reliable solution. We have already considered EcoAxis for 6 overseas projects and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Vice President - Operations, Uttam Energy

“Energy and operational efficiency improvements were our immediate business goals. We decided to go for EcoAxis’ solution digitizing our complete plant floor with access to analytics on anytime anywhere basis…we have achieved close to 15% energy efficiency…we are confident to achieve a further 10% improvement on energy costs in the current year…and are confident that we would be able to drive up to 10% OEE improvements at the factory level.”

Production Director, Ashut Engineers Ltd

“We are excited by the business gains and competitive edge that axisPLAST4.0 has helped us realize in such a short period. Also it will help us to continuously push the boundary of innovation to stay ahead of our competition. Industry 4.0 being a strategic and an on-going program, it requires a trusted and knowledgeable partner like EcoAxis.”

Director, Accurate Industries

“For our competitive advantage, we leverage the data of our interconnected machines, material traceability, and SAP business system for getting live KPIs anytime, anywhere, using EcoAxis’ IoT solutions. Our expectations from the IoT solution were very challenging, but I am happy that EcoAxis has surpassed our expectations.”

Operations Head, Renata Precision Components

“We are delighted to see the latest enhancements in axisPLAST 4.0, especially the daily and monthly reports providing all relevant data that we need”

Senior Manager - Operational Excellence, SUNPET - TPAC Packaging

“We decided to use axisPLAST 4.0, the Internet of Things technology, provided by EcoAxis to collate and analyze live data. It has some unique functionalities built specifically for plastic product manufacturers, e.g. operational reports, mold analytics, etc. providing us tremendous value in terms of operational analysis.”

Director - Technology Evangelism and New Product Development, United Industries

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Our team of experts will show you the power of our products.

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